Watch out! It’s the Darkoath Savagers!

Games Workshop very kindly sent me a free preview copy of Warcry: Red Harvest, the new starter set that contains two warbands (the Darkoath Savagers and the Tanatulos Brood) as well as a whole heap of stunning ore-mining terrain! So my project over the last week has been to get the Darkoath Savager warband painted up!

I was impressed by how easy these models were to assemble compared to some of the other Warcry warbands. I don’t think there was anything too fiddly on these folks. Although perhaps that does befit a warband such as this where the models speak through muscle and blade rather than any particularly ornate decorations.

I love how these models all have a savage ferocity to them, you can imagine that anyone who saw them coming would be extremely intimidated despite lacking much… or indeed, any, armour aside from the occasional shield and shoulder guard.

I also liked that a good portion of the warband was female – as with many of the other Warcry warbands you’ve got a real breadth of body types and genders represented which is always good to see. And these are no damsels in distress, each is clearly a fighter the equal of their male peers.

I painted these models primiarly with Contrast paints to start with – using colours like Gore Grunta Fur and Guilliman Flesh for the base skin tones, Flesh Tearers Red and Wyldwood for clothing and accessories, and skeleton horde onto many of the straps and bone areas. I then went in and layered up with normal paints to smooth out the colour on some of the larger flat areas, before highlighting.

I also mixed a little thunderhawk blue in with the skin tones to create a stubble effect for shaved heads and jawlines. It’s an easy technique that adds a lot to the appearance of a model!

The final touch for each model was a little red-earth weathering pigment which I applied onto the bases and feet/tabards of the miniatures. This really grounds them into the setting and helps them feel like they really are there in the chaos wastes. I don’t use pigments a whole lot, but I think I’m going to have to get into the habit of it!

You’ll probably also notice my long-haired Conan-alike character has a flail rather than the sword you’ve seen him with in most/all of the promotional pictures. This is a weapon option in the set, in fact I believe that every model in here has at least one weapon or accessory option to differentiate it. I can imagine these models also being very easy to convert, if one was so inclined. I’d love to see what you guys do with these models if you pick them up!

And yeah, that’s my first Warcry warband from Red Harvest all painted up. Thanks again to the Warhammer Community team for sending me the box to preview and paint, do look out for more awesome stuff like this soon too – I very much would like to make blog posts like this more regular.

And of course, if you do paint up any of the new Warcry stuff yourself please share it with the community either in our Discord, using the hashtag #PaintSlam21 or feel free to tag me on Twitter or Instagram to check your stuff out!

If you’re not already in with PaintSlam, feel free to check here for the details – PaintSlam ’22 will be starting in just over a month’s time so what better than to get in and join us now!

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