The time has come once again to check out the wonderful work done by the PaintSlam community! This time we’re looking at highlights from October 2021, via posts in the Community Showcase channel on our Discord server! Remember you can join in too by being a member of the community!

So let’s get cracking and check out the hobby goodness!


Another great mix of stuff this month from BGG! I particularly love the Nurgle chappy!


A nice collection of brightly coloured Stormcast Eternals, including a rather electrifying green sorceress type!

Commissar Lewdfang

Khagra’s Ravagers stand out this month in purple from Lewdfang, as well as a friend from the 41st Millenium!


More monsters from CritonyEntertainment this month! The eyeball monster is giving me the willies! I think it’s watching me!


More halloween horrors here, this time in a distinctly Nurgle flavour! Trick or treat!


Fin brings us these very fetching Dragon Princes! The blue is lovely.


From Haze, we have this massive armoured Ork, complete with bonus grot gunner on top! Great fun!

Heavy Metal Wars

Xenos goodness from HMW this month! Look at that lovely freehand on the Eldar walker!


It’s time for the Skaven to take to the pitch in this awesome team from HouseFireHawk!


This month I was lucky enough to paint up some bits that GW sent me over for free, so here’s a selection of those. I was particularly happy with the Emperor’s Champion model.

Momma Negan

Momma Negan, who also helped collate this blog post, brings us more amazing grots this month! Fantastic work as always!


A couple of characters and a lovely display board here, I think for Conquest? Really gorgeous work!


More incredible old school Tyranid goodness here from SHeroQueer. You’ve got to love those bright 90s paint schemes! Wonderful!


Some gritty realism here from TES! I love the autumnal basing too!


A great mix of stuff here from Thokamous including a fetching Imperial Guard Commissar!

And that’s it for another month! I’ll see you in December with the showcase of what gets posted in the Discord this month, and then in the new year for the 2021 Round Up!

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