#PaintSlam24: All The Info!

What is PaintSlam 2024?

Put simply, PaintSlam is a hobby log which you can print out or put onto your smart device or computer to keep track of what you’ve painted over the course of the year!

It’s no pressure and just for fun! There’s a space on the sheet to mark down any hobby goals you have for the year, and you can keep tracking of the running total on miniatures you’ve worked on throughout 2024. You might surprise yourself with just how much you can do in a year! Or perhaps set yourself a hobby challenge to paint, say, 100 miniatures before the end of 2024.

See how joining in can help you with your hobby-

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Painting advice
  • Tips and techniques learned from other hobbyists
  • Set your own goals
  • See how much you paint in a year!

I’d love to have you on board in 2024!


The Community

I am very proud of our inclusive, welcoming and inspirational PaintSlam Discord Server – Click Here to Join!

This is a space where you can chat hobby, share your work in dedicated channels for WIPs, finished work, kitbashes etc as well as mental health, LGBTQ+, and other fun channels to get to know other PaintSlammers in.

Share images in the Community Showcase channel and you might see your work in the regular showcase posts on the blog on this site!

How do I take part?

It’s simple! Download the #PaintSlam2024 hobby log here:

https://patreon.com/jewelknightjessJoin the Patreon to get access to the exclusive magical fae hobby log design from the wonderful Rossy!

Full colour and printer friendly JPG versions you can save above, click below for the fully fillable PDF version:

Click here to download! (editable PDF version)

Once you’ve got your form and you’re ready (from 1st Jan 2024 through to 31st December 2024) simply write in any painting projects you complete – be it a single mini, a terrain piece or a full unit!

There’s columns for game system (for example, you might enter Warhammer 40k, D&D, Bolt Action, Infinity, Marvel, etc), the unit you painted, the number of models painted for this entry, the running total of models and the date of completion.

Share your hobby!

The real fun in #PaintSlam24 is sharing your progress pictures and finished work on Social media with other people taking part! Simply use the hashtag #PaintSlam24 when you share photos of your miniatures! Some people like to share a pic of how their hobby log is looking at the time too!

Plus if you tag me in @jewelknightjess on Twitter I’ll give you a retweet and maybe you’ll be featured in a blog post!

That’s it! I look forward to seeing your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social platforms you enjoy using!

Supporting PaintSlam!

If you enjoy PaintSlam, please consider supporting me either via regular Patreon support, or via one-off donations via Ko-Fi. Your support helps me keep PaintSlam going with regular updates and even the occassional giveaway! Plus Patreons get access to an exclusive channel within the PaintSlam Discord server!

You can also grab this awesome PaintSlam Merch!!