Oh yeah, now we’re streaming.


So, after almost 7 months, we’re finally getting settled into our new place and we just got hooked up with that fabled thing known as “The Internet” again!

So, with my hobby space now set up (if still a bit of a WIP), I’m now intending to stream much more regularly once again.

Please drop me a follow (and a sub? *puppy dog eyes*) over at twitch.tv/jewelknightjess and tune in if you ever see me live! So far I have done two streams in the new place, where I started and finished this wonderful “Mummified King” miniature from One Page Rules (Kindly printed for me by the folks over at only-games.co):

He’ll make a fine start to a Tomb Kings army for Warhammer The Old World, I reckon. Or at the very least a great test of a colour scheme idea.

What’s next? Depends! I’ll be streaming my own personal projects plus commission work over the coming weeks and months, so please do tune in and keep me company as I slap colour down on little soldiers! I look forward to seeing you there!

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