Golden Oldies Showcase!

And so we arrive at the start of May, and Golden Oldies month officially draws to a close. This April challenge was to paint something that fit the theme of a “Golden Oldie” – this could be a really old miniature, something thats been in your backlog for many years, a model of an old character, however you wanted to interpret it! Let’s take a look at what you wonderful hobbyists got up to for this project!

Cee, aka the Dork Phoenix, painted up this Krell model. The bright red harks back to a nostalgic era for many of us!

From Kemp, comes his first ever “proper” paint job as he calls it, a classic beakie Blood Angels space marine. Lovely work!

From Heavy Metal Wars comes a Rogue Trader Astropath and a Talisman 2nd edition Astropath standing in an old ruined chapel, a scenery piece that was a card insert from White Dwarf 212! Not only that, but check out that lovely unit of classic Grey Knights! And certainly not least, a classic beakie space marine from the Rogue Trader era in custom chapter colours of the Star Breakers!

From PSippit we have this classic Adeptus Titanicus titan, which afaik dates back to the late 80s! The modern paint job really hides its age well, it could stand proudly amongst a modern AT collection!

ThePoshGoblin is a hobbyist after my own heart with this, the original classic Orion model from back in the day! Got to love a bit of the retro Wood Elves!

It’s heresy time now, with this old school Chaos Sorcerer from BigGeordieGeek! Again I love the bright reds and greens here that really bring out that classic 90s vibe.

theelusiveshaun shared this Ork warbike, complete with evil sun iconography on the banner pole and front of the bike! Really lovely work!

Something from myself now, a unit of metal 90s Wood Elf archers with full command. I’ve always adored these archers and will probably aim to add more at some point to my growing Wood Elf army! I also added Ariel and a unit of classic metal Dryads.

You’ve seen one Krell, now it’s time for an even older Krell courtesy of Mommy Negan. Green base, red armour, banner pole, what’s not to adore? Mommy also shared a few other characters – a Wood Elf, an Empire halberdier and a Dwarf!

From Usagi/SHeroQueer comes this 1995 Hive Tyrant. Looks fabulous to me, would slip right into a modern army seamlessly! That’s not all though, she also shared this lovely HeroQuest warrior model!

Thokamous shared this Sgt. Rock for us, and although it did make it into last month’s community showcase he’s from an old comic and thus qualifies to get another showing! 🙂

From Art comes a trio of retro wonderfulness! The 1990 Maurauder Giant, a metal Imperial War Wagon and Malus Darkblade upon Cold One! A really varied and nostalgic mix of miniatures!

Aaaaand that brings us to the end of the Golden Oldies month. I think you’ll agree that we’ve seen a great selection of classic models here! If you’d like to join us in the #PaintSlam21 community and enter future events, please checkout the PaintSlam21 page for all the info!

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