As the kids on Twitch might say, today’s post is “pretty pog”. The #PaintSlam21 discord has been full of awesome hobby over the last few months, so I want to take this opportunity to share some of the wicked miniatures you folks have been painting on your PaintSlam adventures.

I’ll be building this article, as always, using your submitted works from the Community Showcase channel in the discord channel so if you’re not already with us check out the links at the main #PaintSlam21 page for all the details <3

On with the hobby!


“My Knight of Shrouds finally complete”

Nice! Always sweet to see some well painted Nighthaunt!


“Legion events starting up over the next few weeks, so speed-painting loads of bits, but these three were on my painting resolution list for this year so I’m happy to have them finished! Not used Leia yet so figure she’ll become one of my new go-to choices!”

Really nice work!


“I was surprised how effective such a simple paint scheme turned out to be. Black base, slaanesh grey drybrush, nuln oil wash, skink blue drybrush, another was of nuln and a final limited skink blue drybrush for the odd detail. Silver on the claws & fangs finished the look. It’s also a solid size match, aside from the base, for a hive tyrant.”

Great work all around here!


“If you’re going to subjugate a world, you need an army.

Guardsmen, Space Marines, or Stormtroopers are fine…but don’t hold a candle to Mastodon Sentries.”

I love the vivid colours on the rangers!


“[Re]Posting here for sweet blog post action”

Lovely Tzaangor models, I love how they really pop against the desert like bases! The rubric marines are also fab. Tzeentch stuff is tricky to paint!


“Red hot space elf action”

“My first finished squad in 15mm. Bit of a slow process working things out but I think the next one will be quicker as a result!”

Sums it up really! Lovely stuff.


“Full Dark Angels force to date. Didn’t expect to enjoy painting this army I’ve never been a fan of the chapter, but I’ve loved every moment of painting it.”

Absolutely gorgeous army here, I also appreciate the classic card terrain! Some of this stuff is so old it can remember when Caliban was intact!


“Skitarii Auxilia Equitate, Skitarii bound into a Centaur auto-chariots.”

How cool are these!


“Finished my evil stargrave crew and some heroes for a second, less evil crew”

These are great, and so bright! I love the little bulldog chappy!



I love the hazard striping on the Iron Warrior here, it’s super sharp! And how about the burn-your-eyes-brightness of that lovely retro ‘nid?


“Finished my Armsmaster from Conquest”

Oooh, a submission as a video! I like this model, the Conquest stuff looks really nice and you’ve done great work as always!


“Finished my Warlord, all ready to roll for the first game next weekend since the first lockdown…”

Great, I love the stippling/marble texture on the panels!


“JD at last four months in this model. XD”

Slow and steady wins the race! Lovely work 🙂


“I know bun-fu!”

I love that kung-fu rabbit, what a character! And I always love your super trans tyranids!


“90 shock troops, 100% finished!”

Now that’s impressive to see! More lovely cannon fodder for the emperor!


“I tried out some more intricate freehand than usual on this Greek Hoplite and I’m really happy with how it came out.”

Fantastic work, the freehand is very impressive!


“Finished these up this weekend”

Nicely painted historial models! Not something I’m familiar with but great work 🙂


“Look who’s finally done – my first HQ!”

I love this Dark Angels librarian, it’s just the perfect design for an Unforgiven psycher.

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