Yet more Wood Elves for my Age of Orion army!

So I’ve had a busy couple of weeks since the last update post. I’ve been hard at work both with working on my Wood Elves, a little bit of commission work and restarting my Twitch streams!

Rather than waffle on and on and on, I thought it would be better to just share all the new models I’ve added to my 90s Wood Elf army as a nice little gallery post!

So, without further delay, check em out!

Wood Elf Lord on Elven Steed. I have since added a banner and a spike to the end of the spear.
Wood Elf Mage on Elven Steed. I always really liked this model!
Wood Elf Glade Riders. Imagine my face when I actually managed to get these ancient transfers to lift from the paper!
Scarloc! Technically he’s 80s but he’s in the army book, so here he is.
Aenur, Sword of Twilight. I don’t know how he snuck into the army but I’m not going to ask him to leave. I saw what happened to the last person who tried that.
Battle Standard Bearer. I copied the banner from the army book as a vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator (download it for yourself here!) and got it printed out for me via an online service. Very happy with the results!
Waywatchers! Absolutely classic models. The Contrast paints worked really nicely on these models I think, so I only did minimal highlights and stuff at the end.

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