Digging the new White Dwarf look.

So, maybe it’s just appealing to my inner teenager from the 90s, but that red strip on the cover is totally pressing all the right buttons.

As you can see in GW’s video above, White Dwarf is having a bit of a shake up in the new year with a new layout. It looks like it’s more a refinement than a big change, but I like what I can see so far.

Firstly, it’s clear that the front covers are really channelling that 90s look with the coloured strip down the side and a nice clean piece of gorgeous cover art. I really like that. Elsewhere it looks like there’s bigger images and more colour in the pages. As long as it’s still chock full of content I’m happy, but I’d really love to see more lore (including short stories) in there, as well as putting warscrolls and datasheets for new units in like they used to do during the weekly era.

Look out for a review when this January issue hits our mailboxes soon 🙂

I’ve been a happy subscriber of WD since they went back to the monthly editions so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this new edition.

[Update] Oh man! Subscriber covers! Look how pretty this is!!

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