Kitbashember – Orktober’s successor

Over on Instagram there was a fantastic little event in November called Kitbashember, full of creativity. I asked the organiser if they’d like to share a few words about it, so I’ll hand over to them now… -Jess

“So I was asked to write an article about Kitbashember and I’m honored to do so. 

So maybe I should start with how it came to be: Orktober was a huge disappointment. This was clear halfway through October. However in the meantime a nice annual event was taking place: Inktober and lil ol me got the idea to create something like this for Warhammer and there it started.

The day after I fleshed out the idea and decided to make it about kitbashes, however at first I made it with 30 entries, one daily, but after I partnered up with @chaos_cooltist it changed to 10, one every three days.”“We then partnered up with @Themodernsynthesist@anvils_of_konor@K03rnl and @kotosboxofminis to generate a bigger reach and promote the event. 

[Jess’s note: Follow these folks! They do awesome work.]

So the event itself went great and I’m so happy that we got so many participants, be it fully or temporarily(like myself sadly). We got kitbashes from all different races, some going as far as to creating their own ‘armies’ and it was all a hell lot of fun, for this article I even chose a few posts to represent the event (note that everybody did a great job and that ones shown are just my personal preference).”

Soooooo let’s get to the good part: showcasing!!!

“The first one is gonna be @digital_lich with his amazing healer kitbash which is simple gluing but looks so amazing, I really love it, it’s also a great example of how to kitbash with minimal sculpting effort.”

“Next up is a kitbash which shows us that the future doesn’t have to be dark and can actually be pretty hilarious, I present you the Space Mounty by @8th.of.spades.”

“Now after this let’s move to the overkill part with @kyle.haydon, I’m calling it overkill because it just looks astonishing!”

“Now at last to a whole warband that I find utterly awesome, @modernsynthesist’s kroot hunters. These bad boys sound great in idea already, but the execution was way better than I could have imagined.”

“Now just so you all know, Kitbashember is not about winning or competition, it’s a month to let out your creativity and show the community how cool kitbashing can get, and I hope to see many of you next year when Kitbashember is taken to the fantasy world.”

“Go and take a look at all the cool dudes featured in this article (me as well of course XD and give the hashtag #KITBASHEMBER a go to see all the amazing participants of this event.”

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