Adoration for the spectacular square bases of nostalgia.

The humble square base!

Once a staple on Warhammer battlefields the world over, it is perhaps somewhat rarely seen today. At least, outside of specific Oldhammer projects.

See how it ranks up neatly, even when the model atop it doesn’t wish to. A closely ranked up unit looks wonderful, yet who can forget the hassle of juggling your models around to actually get them to rank up properly? It was like a jigsaw puzzle every time you wanted to set your unit up on the table!

Rejoice in how it sits flat on the battlefield, except when the model is metal and slightly off-centre so it tips over at a gnat’s sneeze. I sure hope you’ve varnished your pewter and lead warriors, unless you’re going for the Terminator look.

The smooth, flat edges juxtaposed against the rough, nobbly top surface. Run your fingers along the length of those edges. Mmmm, smooth. Now run your nail over the top. Mmmmm…. texture…

How lovely your old school models look all grouped together, despite completely disregarding the 6-foot rule.

You grab your PVA glue and some sand, or if you’re particularly posh some green flock. You apply it to the top of the base (not the sides though, you’re not a MONSTER) and paint the whole thing Goblin Green. A quick drybrush with some Sunburst Yellow and you’re good to go! Don’t they look smashing.

Then sit and admire your army, resplendent atop your bright green battlefield surrounded by lush forests, oddly stepped hills and suspiciously cardboard-looking buildings.

Yes, truly the square base is a thing that brings joy.

Have you painted something on a square base lately? Let us know by showing us in the PaintSlam Discord!

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