December #PaintSlam21 Community Showcase… Finishing Strong!

All the hobby thats fit to make you say “whoa”

It’s the start of a new year, January is well underway and the official PaintSlam21 End of Year Showcase is done and dusted… but we’re not finished with ’21 until we’ve done the official December showcase. So here we are, the final month of 2021 in blog post form! Submissions as always taken from the PaintSlam Discord’s Community Showcase Channel – get in there if you want to join in ready for the first showcase of ’22!

I can’t wait to see you all for #PaintSlam22!!


I love all of these! The sisters in particular look amazing, and I’m naturally very much in favour of the trans-tastic standard!


CritonyEntertainment brings us the usual amazing assortment of Power Rangers themed miniatures! Plus a few heroes from the multiverse!


Black Templars from DarkHanon. The strong red contrasts really well against the black and white.


I love these admech robots. They’re so chunky and retro looking!


Gorgeous work from gardengoth. The dreadnought looks so GOOD!

Heavy Metal Wars

Retro nids! I love these so much!


From myself this month comes a Genestealer Cult biophagus, the Bristol Crew inspired by The Young Ones TV show and an awesome werewolf miniature from Anvil Industry.

Mommy Negan

A star wars bounty hunter and snake charmer from the always fantastic Momma Negan.


Some wildlife here from Paul, I love the realistic fur tones.


Check out this awesome Death Guard leader, out to reap some fresh fertiliser for Nurgle’s gardens.


Some awesome Necromunda beasties here including the adorable Esher “kitty cats”.


Great work from Thokamous as always here, including a couple of nice marine boys.


What can I say about this awesome Ghost Rider? It’s too cool!

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