With arrow and spear

I’ve been a busy bee since finishing Orion, cracking into the infantry side of my Classic Wood Elves project!

Firstly, I painted up this block of 15 Glade Guard spearmen!

I primed them with Zandri Dust, before going over the cloaks with Contrast Ork Flesh, then highlighted up with Skarnsik Green and Nurgling Green. Other colours used are Boltgun Metal, Blood Angels Red, Snakebite Leather and Steel Legion Drab. The shields are Averland Sunset, with transfers in the top left from the new Wood Elf Blood Bowl team transfer sheet.

I didn’t actually have enough shields myself, but thankfully a few awesome people on Twitter came through with some donations which helped me cap this unit off.

And then last night I put the finishing touches on these retro archers, which are (I believe) a mix of Skarloc’s archers and some of the 80s Lord of the Rings miniatures. I couldn’t tell you which were which though, they all seem to fit together as a cohesive unit very nicely. I was up way too late last night working on these! I definitely want to add more archers to this army, but I think next I will be adding some of the mid 90s sculpts from Aly Morrison to fit my army.

I did also squeeze in a little bit of a palette cleaner during the weekend between these two units too, a bit of “now-hammer!” in this Necron Canoptek Doomstalker model:

Will I be so productive this coming week? Stay tuned!

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