PaintSlam’21 January Community Showcase!

So we come to the end of January, I do hope you’ve all been doing well in spite of the ongoing events in the world. For those of us taking part in #PaintSlam21 it’s been a busy old month as we start new armies, clear stuff from our backlogs or just paint stuff for ongoing projects!

Let’s take a look at some of the activity from over in the official PaintSlam Discord!

From Azakael we have this lovely archer lady. I love the use of texture on the cloak!
From Bradalads we have this absolutely gorgeous Mortarion. I love how saturated the colours are, he positively explodes into your retinas with his sickly glory!
Hedgehog39 shared this wonderful warrior princess and her girlfriend! 🙂 I adore these models.
ZangMac shared this lovely miniature! I really like the subtle colours in here that compliment the light grey of the armour.
PSippitt also painted this classic wierdboy for the Space Orks army!
Paul also shared this little scene, doesn’t this look fab?
Cee brings us this lovely Escher gang for Necromunda. I love the various pride-themed colour splashes in the hair that really offset the grimy metals elsewhere.
King_Kabu presented this realistic M4A2 Sherman! It’s nice to see some more non-GW models showing up in the PaintSlam discord!
Vaelthurs painted this lovely statuette of Yuna from Final Fantasy X as a gift for a friend! I really love the attention to detail, the gradients and freehand patterns are lovely! It’s like she’s stepped straight out of the game!
Finally my lovely partner Lenalevelsup got the finishing touches put down on this retro 80s Harlequins troupe! She was particularly proud of the patterns and diamonds she applied to the bodysuits!

And this is just scratching the surface of the awesome hobby you can find in the discord and on social media using the #PaintSlam21 hashtag!

Why not join us today?

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