February #PaintSlam21 Community Showcase!

Sorry this post is a couple of weeks late folks, I’ve been a bit up and down lately so it’s taken me a while to get myself round to it. But February was another amazing month for the #PaintSlam21 community, you’ve all excelled yourself with some fantastic hobby!

Here’s some of the highlights as posted in the official PaintSlam discord, but don’t forget to check the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram for lots lots more!

First up we have Azakael!

These zombies have a real gruesome appearance to them! Also some cool looking spiders and a warrior guy!

My friend BigGeordieGeek is up next!

BGG is a busy bee and is constantly painting, check out his social media for a whole ton more stuff!

Let’s see what Callie has been up to…

Callie has been working on a whole bunch of Middle Earth miniatures, and I think you’ll agree they look lovely!

A first-time PaintSlam poster, Corn Wolf has done this awesome Xenomorph, complete with uhu goo!

Glarva painted up this awesome vampire chap!

From HalflingSpy:

Is that the Dwarf from Golden Axe? I really like it!

Hedgehog39 has been busy too…

I really like the bright green eyes on the chaos spawn!

King_Kabu has done these cool blue Necron Scarabs!

From the lovely Commissar Lewdfang we have more lovely chaos chaps…

Pandemonium_Miniatures has been busy too! Check out these wonderful models, including a whole bunch from our friends at Bad Squiddo Games!

PapaNegan has been hard at work again, here’s just a highlight of what they have been working on!

I think I said it last month but I really love the bright yellow that the greenskins use on their armour and cloth!

From PSippit, check these out!

The Big Mek is a super cool model and I love the glowing green areas!

SHeroQueer has painted a whole lot of stuff this month, but posted this into the community showcase channel on discord for you all to see!

Got to love those classic chaos warriors!!

TheElusiveShaun showed off their full progress for 2021 so far…

That’s an impressive roster of stuff, I’m biased in favour of the Dark Angels but everything is super cool!

Finally for this showcase, but not least, we have Vaelthurs!

This super cool white-with-purple Dreadnought and the Morgwaeth warband for Underworlds absolutely pop with how bright they are! I love them!

And that’s it for the community showcase this month! Remember if you’d like to get into March’s showcase to join the official #PaintSlam21 discord and share your awesome work with us! Don’t forget to keep filling in your hobby logs and sharing your hobby on social media with the #PaintSlam21 hashtag!!

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