#Painthammer2019 – The Early Birds!!

A few folks have already made a start on #Painthammer2019, be that painting already or making a list! Let’s see how people are preparing for 2019’s projects!

Joshua Myers (@armchairarbiter) has already painted up this wonderful kitbashed Daemon Prince of Slaanesh!

For those wondering, I asked Joshua how he made it and this is what he said: “The main body is a Necron C’tan deceiver and I used bits from the seeker chariot for the claw arm and head. The wings are from the Drukhari scourge kit and the sword is from Sigvald.”

Meanwhile, others have been getting their boxes of grey plastic in order ready for the new year! I asked people what they were planning for Painthammer 2019…

Witchweasel (@alendrel) has a whole bunch of Primaris marines to work on!

A few others have quite a list of projects, too… along with some noble hobby goals!

Have you got a project in mind for 2019? Let me know in the comments below (or if you want to share pics you can tag me on Twitter @jewelknightjess!)

One thought on “#Painthammer2019 – The Early Birds!!

  1. The only downside to logging everything on a spreadsheet is you suddenly become quite aware of how much money you’ve spent on unassembled models 😬

    Going away for 9 days, but will be spending the Christmas week on-call and assembling as many miniatures as I can, I wonder if I will even see a paint-brush between now and my January 1st blog-post 😂

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