#Painthammer2019 – GET INVOLVED!

This is the ultimate post to find out how to get involved with #Painthammer2019!!


Download the official #Painthammer2019 Hobby Log HERE:
Painthammer2019 Screen Edition (Fill-able form PDF)
Painthammer2019 Print Friendly Edition


What is #Painthammer2019?

Painthammer 2019 is a fantastic way for hobbyists of all levels to share in something together. At it’s simplest, it’s a hobby log sheet. Every time you paint a miniature, unit, gaming piece or terrain piece simply log it down. Write in the date of completion and keep track of how many models you have painted so far. At the end of the year, you might be surprised just how much you got done!

What game systems are included?
All of them! Although the majority of Painthammer participants tend to focus on Warhammer games, don’t let that put you off. You can join in if you paint for Warmachine, Malifaux, Infinity, D&D, Marvel, Batman, Wild West Exodus, Pulp games, Gaslands… Don’t feel like ‘your’ game isn’t included!

But I don’t paint much…
That’s ok! There’s no pressure, no minimum amount of work involved. Just log as you paint. You might find that it helps you paint more than you otherwise would have. If even one hobbyist is inspired to paint a little extra because of Painthammer, it’s a success!

Who’ll see my stuff?
Anyone who searches for #Painthammer2019 on social media! Of course, if you tag me @jewelknightjess in your posts I’ll include your work in my regular Painthammer Showcase posts here on this blog – at the moment this might be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We’ll see.

What are people working on today?
Click here to see the very latest #Painthammer2019 posts on Twitter!

When does it run?
From January 1st til the end of the year! It’s never too late to join in.

How do I join in?

Download the official #Painthammer2019 Hobby Log HERE:
Painthammer2019 Screen Edition (Fill-able form PDF)
Painthammer2019 Print Friendly Edition

Ready? Here’s the simple steps to taking part!

  1. Take a photo or two of your completed miniature, and fill it in on your Hobby Log!
  2. Share photo(s) of the miniature and/or your log on social media with the hashtag #Painthammer2019. I suggest Twitter as the main platform to do this!
  3. OPTIONAL: Tag @jewelknightjess in your posts if you’d like your work to be included in my regular Painthammer Showcase posts here on the blog!
  4. OPTIONAL: Post in the comments to say if you’re in and tell us your social media @name!

How about us Youtubers?

Please feel free to share your hobby progress and hobby log on your Youtube videos! You can also use the Painthammer 2019 logo in your videos if you like!

Bonus Stuff!

Click to visit the Redbubble store!

This year for #Painthammer2019 you can help to support me through the purchase of Painthammer2019 Mugs, T-Shirts, Stickers etc! If you’re taking part, please check out what’s available in the store! You’ll be directly helping keep my website and the Painthammer project going!

And who doesn’t want a #Painthammer2019 sticker on their macbook/army case/cat?

12 thoughts on “#Painthammer2019 – GET INVOLVED!

  1. I already try to contribute to Azazel’s Bitz Box’s month challenges, but I’m more than happy to dive into Painthammer this year too. Count me in 😊

  2. Can’t believe I’ve left it so long to get involved – maybe it’s coz I didn’t follow anyone interesting on Twitter before 🙂

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