Blood Bowl – Star Player Josef Bugman

“Jim, it looks like he’s drinking on the job!”


“Greetings, Manlings. It is I, Josef Bugman! I have taken over the blog today to ensure that you all know that there’s no better way to prepare for an important match than to swig a few gallons of my Bugman’s XXXXXX! It’s chock-full of goodness that’ll make you so light on your feet, you’ll feel like the whole pitch is spinning! Plus, those of you who can’t handle a bit of pain, after a few tankards of this you won’t feel it even if an Ogre blitzes you in the face!”

So yeah, this is another miniature I picked up at Warhammer Fest back in May that I just hadn’t gotten around to painting! I thought it would be a fun one to take a brush to though, so I picked it up despite not particularly having any interest in Blood Bowl.
He was a lot of fun to paint, the detail is pretty crisp and there’s some nice fun details like the drink spilling from the tankard. I painted an arrow on the ball, thinking that Bugman himself painted it on there so he’d remember which way to kick it (not actually that useful, probably…). Not a huge amount to say, I’m never quite happy with how the close ups look on camera though, to be honest. I think it looks really nice in person.

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