Gloomspite Gitz – NEW GROTS on the way!!

GW revealed a batch of the brand new Grot miniatures this boxing day, and they’re wonderful!

So I recently-ish sold my Moonclan army. It consisted of Squig Hoppers, Mangler Squigs, loose Squigs and herders, River Trolls etc. I really loved that little army, but sadly I needed the money to pay rent (hmm… I’ve had to do this a lot recently).
But Moonclan and goblins/grots will always hold a special place in my heart. So it is that these new reveals from GW today on Warhammer Community just totally push my buttons!
You’ve got lovely new Squigs & Herders, Fanatics and Squig Hoppers. There’s that new Warboss. The terrain piece. The endless spells. It’s all so pretty, and full of detail. I love the grot being eaten by a Squig. I love the little mushrooms everywhere. The expressions! There’s a ton of creativity in these new miniatures and you get the impression the sculptors have had a really fun time creating these new models.
They also leave us with a tease that there’s a lot more on the horizon to be revealed. Will we see new spider riders? A plastic Mangler Squig kit? Some Squidgeons? Doom Divers? There’s so much which could be hidden away for now!
What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments what you’re hoping for from this release!

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