The new Delaque gang looks beautiful

How am I only just seeing these miniatures now?

My goodness! I just spotted these chaps are up for pre-order from the usual hobby shops. Wow. They look absolutely fabulous. They’re pretty different to the original Delauqe gang. They seem much more gaunt and pallid than they did before, although the trenchcoats remain. Check out these beautiful boys.


I’m definitely looking forward to the opportunity to paint this gang up! Perhaps you’d like a Delaque gang yourself? Send me a message if you’d like to commission me to paint up a gang for you! 

Necromunda has been really knocking it out of the park with the gorgeous miniatures. As a result, I’ve already painted up an Escher and Goliath gang, as well as numerous special characters! I find them much more appealing than your stock 40k armies.

I’ve still not actually played Necromunda since it came back, though. Hopefully I can do something about that and take the Eschers to the wars of the hive soon!

Plus the latest White Dwarf is going to include the rules for the gang. Which is nice.


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