Ask Jess! Episode One

It’s time for the first ever episode of my new ‘Agony Aunt’ panel, Ask Jess. What questions have we got in store for this debut episode??

@johnnyd6992 Asks: How do i paint blonde hair?

Jess Says: For blonde hair, you want to avoid a pure yellow because it can look a little cartoonish. I’d recommend a base colour of a dark sand shade, I usually use Zandri Dust. I’d shade that with Seraphim Sepia or Agrax Earthshade. Then to highlight I’d use bone colours like Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull. That should give a nice blonde appearance!

@SomeGuyWithaDog Asks: In 2019 I’m planning to play my first game of 40k in 20 years, at my LGS. Can I bring Knights (currently my only finished army) or am I better off waiting until my Ad Mech are done. I don’t want to come across as “that guy”, and I only intend to play casual or narrative games

Jess Says: Your best bet is to ask your opponent if you already know who you’re going to be playing with. If they’re happy, you can both be happy. If it’s against an unknown opponent, perhaps it might be better to wait and use a more “balanced” force!

@severed15 Asks: Any recommendations for painting genestealer cultists?

Jess Says: Colour schemes? I’d take a look in the new Codex when it hits this weekend and see if any of the schemes tickle your fancy. Perhaps choose a colour you’re already confident with painting, or a scheme that you can easily replicate. My other tip would be to break it up by painting troops, then a hero, then troops, then a vehicle etc. That way you won’t get bogged down painting 20, 30 or more near-identical neophytes!

@Synchroneyess Asks: Dear Jess, I’m in need of serious help! Every time I head to the shop I come home with more plastic! At this rate it would take 3 lifetimes to paint it all, and still I bring home more! What can I do? – Sad Sprue

Jess Says: Send some of it to me? Haha. On a more serious note, perhaps make a note on your phone with a reminder not to buy anything, set to go off around the time you expect to be at the hobby shop. Maybe it’ll remind you before you’re standing at the counter with another pile of lovely new sprues.

@Doomflower_irl Asks: Speed painting tech? Also, your advice on applying foundation (the makeup kind)?

Jess Says: My top tip! Coloured Spray cans are a blessing for getting a smooth, even coverage with no blemishes. I’m particularly fond of Caliban Green. Now, as for speed painting…

@Huggshobby Asks: How do you get jam in donuts?

Jess Says: I’m reliably informed it’s some injection machine or something. My particular area of expertise, though, is the removal of jam FROM donuts… but you don’t want to hear those details.

Got a question for Jess? Send your questions over to with the subject “Ask Jess” or send a message over Twitter/Instagram (tell me its for Ask Jess!) and I’ll see if I can get you an answer!

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