#Painthammer2019 Community Showcase #6 – Back From Holiday Edition!

So let me start by apologising for the lack of community showcase posts for the last few weeks, I’ve been away/procrastinating a lot! So, let’s jump in and see what you wonderful, lovely, gorgeous folks have been working on recently!

So it’s been a wonderful first half of March for hobbyists, people are starting to get their hands on Shadowspear (No doubt the next community showcase will be chock-full of lovely new Primaris and Chaos stuff) and there’s a ton to catch up on! Naturally, I can’t possibly highlight everyone in this update so I encourage you to check out the #Painthammer2019 hashtag over on Twitter and make sure to like and follow these wonderful people! πŸ˜€ On with the showcase…

@Therealjoshface has been working on an entry for Golden Demon with this fab Ork vehicle. Can’t wait to see the finished piece with riders and all!

An awesome Primaris Librarian here from @PainterPart, I love the shiny gold armour and how the clean white robes offset it nicely!

Jumping over to myself, I did a little speedpaint of a Genestealer Cults Locus last night. It’s not amazing but I’m happy with it for getting it onto the tabletop!

@CTRiti has been absolutely blitzing models out at an incredible rate. Be sure to check out his Twitter feed for a constant barrage of wonderful models.

@TuomistoJoni has done this lovely Primaris Captain of the Ultramarines. I really like how the power sword has been painted here.

@LTuatha has been painting up some Dark Elves/Aelves here! You don’t see these every day!

To contrast, here’s some lovely old school High Elves from @EoLappin, complete with square bases. I’d kind of forgotten how nice it is to see a unit ranked up like this…

Give @dana_howl a follow, to see more of these absolutely eye-meltingly haunting Nighthaunt models. The colour gradients are stunning!

@fitzypaints has painted this fantastic Ork warboss, complete with Clown Squig! A really fun and imaginative colour choice!

This totally-not-an-AI-abomination Imperial Robot was painted by @McdowellDan and looks absolutely striking with it’s grey and yellow colour scheme.

@xavmand12 has painted this Blood Raven miniature, it looks great. Blood Raven Reivers, who’da thunk it! 

A change of pace from @wienas here with some charming chibi miniatures. These are really nice, I particularly like the steampunk Abe Lincoln? πŸ˜€

Let’s hear it for @JB_Paints who has smashed it with this corking noise marine. A fabulous guitar solo will no doubt follow!

We all need to give @Spartan061 a round of applause, for this ma-hoo-sive tray of no less than 90 Imperial Guardsmen. CADIA STANDS!

Terrain time for @PokeTheBear40k with this piece from the newer Sector Imperialis modular terrain. I really want to get my hands on some of this too!!

It’s The Good, The Bad and the Gribbly now with @dreadquill’s Kelermorph. Yet another amazing miniature painted to a fantastic standard! Another one on my wishlist…

@Anamnesisstudio has been working on Dryads, and they look incredible. I really love how the runes appear to be glowing with fire from within the branches. Stunning!

As always this has only been a brief overview of the activity over on Twitter with the #Painthammer2019 community! Want to join in? Check out the info thread here!

Want to help me keep these updates coming and keep supporting Painthammer? You can help me out a lot by buying Painthammer Merchandise, buying me a coffee, or if you’re feeling really generous ask me for my GW Wishlist ;D Thanks for taking part in the Painthammer project and I look forward to seeing and sharing your amazing work!

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