#Painthammer2019 Community Showcase #5!!

Another week, another veritable smorgasbord of hobby from you wonderful people! Click within and let’s catch up with some of the activity!

As we approach February, it’s safe to say that #Painthammer2019 has seen an amazing first month! You lot have been absolutely knocking it out of the park! So here we are once again with another Community Showcase. As always, I can’t possibly share every single miniature painted for the Painthammer project but please give a follow to everyone featured here. This is all about the amazing community. Share the love!

A lovely Moonclan/Gloomspite shaman up first from @Miss_Squiggy! This is a beautiful mini with some lovely freehand details.

@SomeGuyWithaDog has been really flexing his conversion muscles with this one! I can’t wait to see the progress on it as it gets to the painting stage!

Meanwhile, @Zebu_Nation has been working on Ultramarines. The Honor Guard look really cool.

@darrenbogus has painted up this lovely djinn!

@killimajig has been painting away at Bad Moon Orks, I love the LEDs in the Stompa!

A progress update from @RPG_Elements as they hit the 37 model mark! That’s an impressive total for the first month of the year!

I really like this Knight of Shrouds painted by @ScapegoatSte. The ethereal glow looks fab.

@sonicsledge has been working on Orlocks 🙂 Very cool indeed.

A lovely Blood Angels character here from @inquisitordave1!

Some lovely Gloomspite models here from @kouhaikou!

@DerGreenNinja has been working on some neat stuff here! 

And here’s @ZDesnaux with a bunch of really awesome old-school Plaguebearers! Lovely!

@geochimp painted this wicked model from the Rogue Trader set! 

Again this has just been a small taster of what’s going on with Painthammer this year, so give the #Painthammer2019 tag on Twitter a follow and why not join in? 😀

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