April 2021 #PaintSlam21 challenge!

it’s time for the first PaintSlam21 challenge month! During April, we’re focusing on “Golden Oldies!

Now, this can be interpreted in any way that you feel fits the theme! Perhaps it’s the oldest model in your collection, perhaps its something that’s just been in your backlog for a few years. Maybe the character itself is a wise and ancient being from long ago, or maybe it was a gift from a grandparent!

Whatever the case, this month we want to see you slap some loving paint down on a Golden Oldie!

Use the official Golden Oldies channel in our Discord to post FINISHED submissions only please, WIP work can go into #wips as usual.

If possible, please post between 1 and 4 images of your finished piece(s) along with a short description of why you picked it and how it fits the Golden Oldies theme!

If you have any further questions or just want to get involved with the community, our little Discord community is a friendly and welcoming place for hobbyists of all backgrounds. We welcome all who want to just enjoy a fun and inclusive hobby!

And of course, your finished submissions in the discord will be shown off in the official end of month hobby community showcase post!

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