Well, well, well! Here we are at the start April, one quarter of the way through 2021 already! Where does the time go? It’s been another hectic month for hobbyists around the world, not least of all those in our very lovely PaintSlam Discord server! Let’s take a look at what our eager PaintSlammers have been up to this month! If you’re not already joining us in #PaintSlam21 please check out the details at the PaintSlam21 page and get involved!

So, let’s jump right into things!

Friend of mine BigGeordieGeek has been very hard at work this month! Check out this wonderful and varied display of painted miniatures! There’s a rather spiffing T’au Empire Riptide battlesuit, a Necron lord guy and Roboute Guilliman himself! Not the only Guilliman we’ll be seeing this month, I think…

Next up, the lovely Bradalads has painted this Sigvald the Magnificent who looks, well, magnificent! The blue trim really pops against the gold armour, and is sure to turn all heads in his sublime direction!

From ChrisRiti we have this wonderful sorcerer chap! I like the warm colour pallette here!

From Commissar Lewdfang we have a shot of his full Custodes army so far. The blue is really striking and very different to the usual custodes look!

Ah, he’s back! This Guilliman of the 41st Millenium was painted by Drizzt23, and I really like the lava surrounding the base which frames the miniature to give it a sense of atmosphere. The flame sword looks fab too!

A couple of gorgeous models from GardenGoth here, in particular I adore the lighting effect cast from the burning sword, and the weathering on the green cloth of the ancient!

Lots of cool stuff from HeavyMetalWars! Including a great Hellebron conversion, some Cold One Knights and a delightfully old school looking Dark Angels force.

Some comic book action here from JB including a lovely angry treeman chap!

From the ever reliable Mommy Negan we have a Saruman and some more fantastic Ultramarines! Did anyone else reading participate in MarchForMacragge? Let us know in the comments below!

Mutant Zombie shared these brutal looking Khorne warriors! They look like they’re fighting in the arid plains and dead soil of Aqshy!

Pandemonium Miniatures shared this great mix of different models, including some Conquest and Ghosts of Gaia models from Bad Squiddo Games!

PSippit shared this little lot! There’s a Primaris tank variant, a Stormcast Stardrake and a Runtherd and unruly grots for him to boss around! The saliva in the Stardrake’s mouth looks so real!

SHeroQueer has been hard at work this month! Check out the old school Chaos Warriors, and the Skeletor homage! Elsewhere there’s also Bugman and a Slaanesh hero!

During march, Theelusiveshaun painted all of this! That’s an impressive tally of models!

Thokamous submitted this soldier chap! I don’t know who it is, but good work!

Tim Kelly shared his first 2 Stormcast Eternals! The dull metal armour and deep magenta colours look so cool!

From Wren comes this Deathwing terminator with gorgeous blue power sword! How nice is this!

And let’s end as strongly as we’ve been going with these gorgeous yellow Eldar from Yeast! The colours look fabulous!

And that’s it for another month of PaintSlam community showcase!

Remember to get your pics posted up in the April “Golden Oldies” channel in the discord to make it into next month’s special month event post!

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