#Painthammer2018 Retrospective & Community Showcase

It’s been a fantastic 2018 for the hobby, so let’s take a look at what the community has been up to with the #Painthammer2018 project!

Thank you all for being a part of the #Painthammer2018 project. With 2019 looming I thought it was time to do a retrospective. I asked participants on Twitter to post pictures of the miniatures they were most happy with from 2018 and to say a few words about what they were happy with or what they got out of the Painthammer project. Below are the replies I got, I hope you enjoy reading them.

Please click on the usernames of all these wonderful folk to visit and follow their hobby journey!


“I don’t think I “finished” that many models, but just getting back into the hobby this year, and I got a lot of stuff tabletop+.”


“I had so much fun with . Now this doesn’t look like much but this is more stuff painted than I have ever done before particulary in one year and still counting!”


was a major inspiration to me (thank you!). I think it’s a great way to motivate people. Quite proud of this one – first subassembly, first pinning, first custom base.”


“The first companion is done. this is the one I present to you for your Painthammer round up. Also used your list for non-GW stuff, and mostly painted non GW this year.”


“Here’s a couple of my favourites from this year. I managed to get a lot done despite struggling through one of the hardest professional years of my life resulting in some pretty shitty mental health. Thanks Painthammer was a great motivator.”

“My daughter Beth (11) also participated. Here is her favourite models.”


was a nice challenge without too strong restrictions so that it was not a problem to jump in. My favorite models of this year are the Relic Knight Porphyrion of House Terryn and Lord Mortarion of the Death Guard. I love such iconic models!”


“I had a great time doing and I am definitely looking forward to 2019! I like that it motivated me to paint more in between commissions and it also allowed me to see how many I can do in a year. Thank you so much 💜


“My favorite would be my Space Wolves Leviathan! I learned a lot about airbrushing panels, weathering, and some basing. Also won my first painting prize with him at ReaperCon! Thanks for organizing 2018 – excited for 2019! ❤️


“These ladies are my favourite of . This was a great thing to be involved in as my favourite part of the hobby is like-minded people sharing their work and this was a great way to do it.”


“The only model I finished in 2018, before my MH took a nose dive and I went into therapy. Was sat in dining room while on the best holiday I’ve had in years.”


“One of my favourite models done for has got to be Tamurkhan! One of my favourite Forge World models that I had always wanted to do, and especially special as he got to appear in our first appearance on Warhammer TV!”


“I’m so proud of this guy because it’s my first time doing a major sub assembly and my first time magnetizing a miniature to use 3 different set ups! I absolutely had a blast painting him.”


“2018 was crazy for me hobby wise, this Stormcast I did for my first year anniversary of getting into the hobby and soon after I started doing commissions and helped me keep track of it all and stay motivated throughout the year. Thanks for putting it together.

“The space wolf aggressor is just a model I was really proud of lol. I won’t reach 365 minis this year but I think I’ll be able to get to 280 which is way more than I ever thought I’d do and I am looking forward to to try and beat that record”

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