Eyros Slagmyst… Painted!

As part of my “getting my mojo back” period, I thought I’d put paint to this miniature for Necromunda which I purchased all the way back at Warhammer Fest 2018…

You might have seen some of my other Necromunda work around previously. When the game relaunched I was immediately in love with the style of the miniatures. They were both faithful yet fresh interpretations of the gangs of the previous editions. And I just had to paint them!

Forge World has been absolutely knocking it out of the park with their single miniature support too. Such as all the lovely bounty hunters and unusual creatures like the Sumpcroc.

Anyway, I picked up a bunch of the single-blister characters back at Warhammer Fest, but for some reason Slagmyst had sort of sat there unloved in my pile of shame for a while. So it was that I made the decision to finally get him painted up.

The miniature itself is lovely and detailed. The sculpt is sharp, full of interesting little details like grenades and odd tubes ending in sharp-looking needles. I did find him a little tricky to assemble, despite it looking quite simple. But then, that’s mostly just because I’m terrible at working with resin and super glue, I’m all ‘fingers and thumbs’ when it comes to assembling miniatures! I got there in the end though!

The Painting…

I approached the model by starting from a Mechanicus Standard Grey base coat, then I went over all the metallics with Instar Paint “Dull Pewter”. This is a nice metal akin to Boltgun Metal or Leadbelcher, but I find it has a little more visual interest than those Citadel colours. I also applied Warplock Bronze and Liberator Gold to a few areas, before giving all the metals a wash or two of Agrax Earthshade. I used a bright silver to edge highlight all the metal areas.

Then I moved onto the blue robes, the next most significant area of the miniature. I based them with Macragge Blue, then highlighted up gradually with Alaitoc Blue and Hoeth Blue. Fenrisian Grey was used to give the brightest highlights to the robes. I felt they looked a bit flat, so I mixed a glaze of Vallejo Game Color deep purple with some black and macragge blue to apply to the recessed areas. This made the colour of the robe much more interesting to look at.

Finally I turned to the rest of the details, the grenades, water tanks, eyes etc. These are all done fairly simply with base-wash-highlight techniques for the most part. Although I did do a bit of a gradient on the red water in the tank on his back to help it look like there was fluid inside. Why did I choose red? I just thought it looked cooler, given the blue robes it added a bit of warmth and contrast.

I’m not sure if it’s up there with my best paint jobs, if I’m honest I’m not sure how I feel about the final result on the metal areas. I wish I had steadier hands so I could have done thinner edge highlights and been a little neater with the application of weathering paints like Nihilak Oxide. That said he looks quite nice on the tabletop, and I’m no Golden Demon entrant, so it’s good enough for me!

Have you painted any of these Necromunda characters? I’d love to see them, tag me in on twitter @jewelknightjess if you have anything cool to show off!

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