A warm greeting to you all as we enter the new year! Let’s see what everyone is working on to start #Painthammer2019 with a bang!

So the day is here. We’re off! It’s time to grab your brushes, palettes, cutters and hobby knives and get stuck into another 365 days of hobby goodness. What are you working on this year? Let me know in the comments down at the bottom. And if you’re not sure quite what #Painthammer2019 is yet, check out the megapost here!

Over on Twitter where most of the action happens, I asked what people were prepping and starting today! Let’s have a little look at just a few of the projects and plans on the go…

I’m also working on Genestealer Cults! A popular choice in 2019, I think…


Corrupted Daughters huh? Sounds awesome.

Lovely conversion work here!

Soul Wars is an amazing set, I look forward to seeing your work Chris!

Yes! You can’t go wrong with the Adeptus Mechanicus!

And I’ll throw in a shout out here for a successful 2018:

If you too want to show off your Painthammer sheets from last year with your miniatures, be sure to send me some pics and I’ll share them on the blog!

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