Painthammer 2019 is Go! Community Showcase #1

Well, you guys didn’t waste any time getting stuck in! Let’s see what you’ve all been up to!!

Painting? I do it in me sleep mate!

@mastertorgo has been cracking on with this fabulous Nurgle blighthauler, and I think you’ll agree the green is really nicely applied with a smooth finish yet still suitably unpleasant to behold!

@ThePiousFlea is working on a Primaris repulsor! The edge highlighting looks lovely and sharp! 

@OrlandoGriffoni is working on this wicked character from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. All the miniatures from this set are super cool.

@Scykhe has painted the first Skitarii for the Cluniacus Forge World. The grey and blue robes feature a lot of freehand, and the base has some lovely hazard stripes. I’m sure this will look incredible as a force on the tabletop.

@CTRiti has also been working on Blackstone Fortress with this wonderful Eldar sculpt! I’d love to paint this one myself!

@WargamingLobby has been testing colour schemes for a Beast of Nurgle. I think the pus-filled sores look “lovely”!

@BenHowels is working on a Blood Bowl team, with some pretty oldschool looking Dwarfs!

Meanwhile, @Vyksos has a unit of Myrmourn Banshees to start off with!

All this and more can be seen over on Twitter under the #Painthammer2019 hashtag! Give everyone a “Follow” and why not join in yourself? Remember to tag @JewelKnightJess with your finished miniatures and I’ll share them in future Community Showcase posts!

Not sure what Painthammer 2019 is? Click here!!

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