2021 PaintSlam FESTIVE FINALE Community Showcase!

Festive Finale

As the year winds down, now is the perfect time to look at what the PaintSlam community painted up for the Festive Finale event! This was a simple challenge to end the year on, to paint models that are predominantly in the festive colours of red, green and white. Let’s take a look at what you folks came up with!!


From Anvil we have these wonderful redshirts, plus a small starcraft to give us that little bit of green!


Some fab decorations here from BGG, including a Starfleet logo, dizzy egg, a mimic gift, the ghostbusters logo and even the crest of Hyrule!


CritonyEntertainment has been as productive as ever with these festive Power Rangers types!


If we had judges, this would surely be in for a Judges Favourite award, as it’s a festive Orc chariot complete with grotty little helpers and all sorts of festive details! Lovely work!


Anvil Industry’s female commissar was my pick for the Festive Finale, so I focussed on her rich red coat and green trousers, with a nice application of snow on the base and bottom of her coat!


Jim brings us the first Red Gobbo of the showcase, but it certainly isn’t the last! This is the first of the festive Red Gobbo models GW released, and looks fantastic with his gift list as he stands atop a few “presents”, which may or may not be hugely explosive!


I adore this festive badger model! It’s really cute and captures the cold winter vibe nicely!

Mommy Negan

Mommy Negan really leans into the mean green with a classic Nurgle model. Perhaps he’s the Nurgle Grinch?


Pete brings us his rendition of the 2021 Red Gobbo mini, with Bounder. I really like the shiny wine-coloured bauble nose and the stripes on the candy cane dynamite stick look great!


Pyro brings us this awesome Barbarian Santa! The white fur looks fantastic and the splashes of gold give the model a real warmth alongside the rich reds.


And to cap it off we have another rendition of the Red Gobbo and his trusty squiggy steed! Again wonderful work on the candy cane stripes and I love the orangey shade of the squig which helps the gobbo’s red coat jump out at you!

Thanks everyone who took part in the Festive Finale event! And look out soon for the exciting End of Year showcase where our keen PaintSlammers pick out 2 favourite pics from the whole year and share them with us – we’ll even be doing a showcase live stream over on my Twitch channel soon!

It’s not too late to get involved, simply join the Discord* and check out the End of Year Showcase channel!

*This link will expire in 7 days from posting this blog update!

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