Painthammer Freehand Showcase!

During April I thought it would be fun to set a small optional challenge for people partaking in #Painthammer2019 – to attempt a bit of Freehand painting on a miniature or two and share the results with the hashtag #PainthammerFreehand. Shall we take a look at what people got up to?

Starting with myself, I challenged myself to paint Aeldari Harlequins with diamonds. Last time I painted some of these guys I totally chickened out but I really wanted to push myself with this squad. I was really happy with the final results I got and I feel my confidence as a painter really increased with this project!

@cliffe_g painted a “Blue badge of courage” onto the backpack of his Ogryn! Looks fab to me! πŸ™‚

@englishalex96 painted up a Skaven machine, not sure what this one is called, but he did a lovely freehand banner! 

Meanwhile @Anamnesisstudio painted a lovely design onto the trim of this Librarian’s cloak. Fantastic work!

@therealjoshface has been working on Blood Angels, with some nicely painted Chapter symbols! πŸ™‚

@PainterPart has painted this lion onto the shoulder of his Dreadnought!

And speaking of Dreadnoughts, @DocRods also added a bit of freehand to one of his own, a griffin πŸ™‚

An absolute ton of Freehand here on these robots from @Scykhe for his amazing Mechanicus army. If you’ve been following along you’ll know his models are almost drowning in freehand!

A little freehand on this AT-RT here from @DarkHanon!

@CommissarLewlew painted this chapter symbol on a tank here. Is it a Rhino with an upgrade or its own thing? I don’t know Space Marine tanks lol.

One more from @Therealjoshface here with a lovely banner for the Ultramarines!

Well, that’s it for this update! Give all these wonderful hobbyists a follow over on Twitter and give them some kind words for their efforts during April! And if you’ve painted anything you want to share with us, please use the hashtag #Painthammer2019 and feel free to start filling in a hobby log!

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