How Momma Negan paints Yellow Goblin Robes

“Now Yellow is a notoriously hard color to paint, but I’ve found a scheme with which it’s quite easy to paint, and I’m using it for a Horde Army like night goblins, so trust me it’s not too hard.
It’s an easy three step process (if basing step is ignored) that only require a bit of skill in layering.”

First step is rather easy, just give it all a nice and even base coat of Balor Brown, it works over light and dark basecoats, so choose the one that fits best for the rest of the mini.”

“Second step is by far the trickiest, you gotta layer with Averland sunset, make sure to leave out the recesses so it’ll look sort of like shade, if you wanna do it extra good, try to blend from Balor Brown to Averland sunset.”

“Last step is a simply edge highlight over the raised folds and edges of the robes with Phalanx yellow, make sure to keep the highlight thin and dilute the paint properly with a bit of water or medium. 
And with that you have it done, an easy yellow robe.”

Thanks for the guest article, Momma Negan! I’d love to feature more guest articles in future so do get in touch if you’d like to share a technique or show your army project off!

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