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Hello there! It’s your friend Jess here! I thought it’d be fun to make a blog post to show off some of the cool minis and stuff I’ve been enjoying lately. If you’re a fan of mini painting (and if you’re a PaintSlammer, that’s a fair bet) I’m sure you’ll find something interesting in this post…

Animal Adventures RPG

Firstly, the kind folks over at Steamforged Games kindly sent me a huge bundle of Animal Adventures sets to check out. Now I’d already backed the original Dungeons & Doggies kickstarter, and been very happy with that first set but this is my first time looking at the later products like the Animal Adventures RPG starter set, the Gullet Cove expansion and the Cats & Catacombs miniatures too.

Over the last weekend I painted up all the miniatures from the Starter Set box which also includes dice, maps, tokens and a playbook with the basic rules and a first campaign to play. It’s all presented extremely nicely, and all the models and rules from the range are compatible with the current 5th edition rules for D&D. I’m excited to paint more of these models and have my first animal adventure with friends 🙂 I also had a few duplicates here from the first kickstarter, so I gave those away over on my Twitter page.

Dead Man’s Hand

These are fun, I got a box of the lady Gunfighters for the Dead Man’s Hand game along with the rulebook and cards from Bad Squiddo Games. This is a great modular kit of badass ladies from the Wild West, with tons of head and weapon options and tons of scope for making the warband or gang of your desire. I mostly painted these using Citadel Contrast colours which helped me get them all tabletop ready in short order!

If you want something that’s a little different from the usual fantasy, sci-fi or WW1/2 settings, I’d recommend giving Dead Man’s Hand a look.

JRPG Heroes!

I’ve also really been enjoying painting miniatures based on my favourite JRPG heroes. I’m a huge fan of the JRPG videogame genre and it’s so fun to bring some of my favourite legendary characters to life like this. These particular models are sculpted by RN Estudio, and purchased through We Print Miniatures (affiliate link!).

Above, you can see I’ve painted Chrono, Frog, and Marle from Chrono Trigger, as well as the hero from Dragon Quest 8, and Vivi from Final Fantasy 9. I’ve also still got Tidus and Yuna from FFX and Cloud, Tifa, Barrett and Aeris from FFVII on the pile of things to enjoy!

If you pick any of these up from We Print Miniatures, you can get 10% off your order if you use the code JEWELKNIGHTJESS at checkout too!


I was reached out to by the creators of Rivenstone, Broken Anvil, and they sent me one of their new miniatures from the upcoming game that recently had a successful Kickstarter. This model was cast in the new Siocast material, which I greatly enjoyed painting. I think the material is a great thing for the industry as it makes small runs much more affordable and achievable. I can’t wait to see more on this game.

Steel Colosseum

This is super cool, I was sent an early 3D print of Insectoid, one of the battle robots from the upcoming Steel Colosseum game from Needy Cat Games. Think Robot Wars with even wackier and unique battlebot designs and an awesome almost graffiti-like art style. Each model in the set is very different from the others, go take a look!


Vae Victis Miniatures were very kind to send me the STL for their new Musketeer sculpt, one of many they’ve released through their patreon service. This was printed for me by @OMechanicum. This is a wonderfully clean and characterful model, and I’d definitely like to get more miniatures from these folks in the future. Go give them a look 🙂

And Finally…

@OMechanicum also printed me off the chibi Jess model which is available to all supporters of the PaintSlam Patreon! This is my first time holding the miniature in my own hands and I’m absolutely delighted by how it came out. If you’d like to print and paint her yourself, please consider supporting me on Patreon. You help keep PaintSlam going and you don’t even have to stay a patreon for long. Even one month of support entitles you to the miniature and I appreciate every single penny.

Next Time…

I’m planning to do these kind of posts semi-regularly, so look out for the next one where I’ll hopefully have some cool new miniatures to show off. I’m hoping to be able to show you some really neat models from my friends at Dead Earth Games and Warp Miniatures to start… 😀

If you want me to feature your minis or store here on the blog please feel free to DM me over on Twitter! I always love checking out cool new stuff and showing it off.

If you enjoyed this article and want to help support PaintSlam, please consider joining the Patreon! Your support helps me keep the lights on and keep producing content like this!

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