Community Spotlight – Aekold Helbrass’s Legion

The lovely Papa Negan over on the official #PaintSlam21 Discord is joining in with her own Oldhammer project (we’re making 2021 the year of making an oldhammer/middlehammer army, with an emphasis on a 5th edition era collection!)

HobbySlam21 project – Aekold Helbrass’s Legion

“Joining Jess this year I’ll be doing an Oldhammer project of my own, a small Legion for the coolest warlord of Tzeentch, Aekold Helbrass, the man with the breath of life.”

“My army will be two 12 man units of Chaos Warriors, 5 Chaos Knights, 5 Pink horrors and Aekold Helbrass of course. Included in this post is a picture of a test Chaos Warrior which showcases my paint scheme for the army.”

“The general emphasis should be on relatively bright colors, but with the base design I’d also like to add the general theme of Aekold with bringing life wherever he and his followers go. But all in all, I’m looking forward to painting a full army this year for the first time ever.”

Thanks for sharing Papa Negan! I can’t wait to see how this army progresses.

Are you joining us with the retro Warhammer army project this year? Get in touch if you’d like your own community spotlight article!

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