Check out my OLDHAMMER Wood Elf Army so far (It’s so beautiful TT_TT)

Hey folks, as you will probably know I’ve been building an oldhammer Wood Elf army for the last couple of years! Thanks to some canny eBay bidding, some lucky finds and some incredibly kind and generous folks on Twitter I’ve been able to amass the Wood Elf army of my childhood dreams.

It started out with a focus on the 1996 release for Warhammer 4th edition (soon to be replaced by the exciting new 5th edition), but has since introduced models from the 80s, 2000s and today (to quote my local radio station!)

So this here blog post is to show you *everything* I’ve painted so far for this army. Now, I’ve still got a heck of a lot of unpainted and unassembled stuff in a big box of lovely metal yet to add, but I think this is already a gallery to be proud of. So grab a cup of tea and some hobnobs, and enjoy…

Boys from the Wood

Here you can see the core infantry units in the army. With two full units of 16 archers, 10 Waywatchers, 12 Scouts, 14 Wardancers and 25 Glade Guard (aka Eternal Guard) consisting of 15 of the 90s shield versions and 10 of the 80s models. The Wardancer unit includes the Warhammer Quest wardancer character, who can be played as Wychwethyl The Wild in the 4th edition army book.

Bark as bad as their bite

The forest spirits have gotten in on the action too, here you can see my unit of Dryads as well as two classic Treemen, one of which is the original Durthu!

You can be my Oak of Ages

Here’s Orion, King in the Woods and his lovely lady, Ariel. This is Ariel before she (re)merged with Alarielle during the End Times of the Old World! I based her colour scheme on that of her appearance in Total War: Warhammer 2.

Wood you please behave

Here’s the lesser characters and heroes of the army, who serve underneath Orion and Ariel. This is where some of the more recent models come into play, such as the 2005 Battle Standard Bearer and Spellweaver, and the much more recent Araloth, more commonly known as the Nomad Prince kit. You can also see the custom BSB I made from the plastic Wood Elf hero from Warhammer Quest, based directly on the one seen in the army book and White Dwarf of the era.

Horsing Around

My army currently includes two units of Glade Riders, one of which is armed with spears and the other is a unit of archers. I found the archer models much harder to find than the spear ones, probably because the spear chaps used to come in a box set whereas the archers were only available in blister packs. I also love the Elven Attack Chariot, which is one of those fabled kits I always wanted as a child but was never able to obtain. I’m super pleased with how it looks with the rest of the army.

What a drag-on

Here’s my centrepiece model, my pride and joy. The Wood Elf Forest Dragon. This is the original version that was used as the base for the later Sisters of Twilight kit. I really tried to capture the colours of the original ‘Eavy Metal scheme with this and it even uses the original banner. I’m absolutely delighted to have this model standing front and centre in the army in my cabinet. Truly one of my all-time favourite Warhammer miniatures!

This miniature even inspired how I painted the recent Stormcast Eternals dragon that the good folks at Warhammer Community kindly let me paint for an article:

And, for now at least, that’s the whole of my Wood Elf army. Although it’s certainly not the end of it! Stay tuned to the blog and my social media channels for more classic Oldhammer goodness in the near future! Thanks for reading!

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