Chaos Spawn painted for commission!

This month I was commissioned to paint up a couple of Chaos Spawn for a Tzeentch army. I’d never painted any of these before so I thought it would be a fun project!

Check out the pics:

I did something rare, I used a white undercoat where I usually use grey or black. I wanted the blue to be really bright and vivid. I used Thousand Sons Blue and Ahriman Blue, with Drucchi Violet as a shade and final highlights with Temple Guard Blue.

For some of the extremities I mixed purple into the blue to blend it out and get some colour variety, then for the claws and bone areas I painted those black with highlights of Kabalite Green, Moot Green and a final highlight of Averland Sunset.

For the eyes I applied a cover of ‘ardcoat to give them a really eery gross appearance!

These guys were really fun to paint, although I’d love to see a new Chaos Spawn kit since this one is definitely starting to show its age!

One thought on “Chaos Spawn painted for commission!

  1. Nice work on these! Yeah, that kit is fun but definitely dated. With all the other goodies Chaos is getting, not sure Spawn are on that list.

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