#Painthammer2019: Community Showcase #3!

Another week of hobby brings another wealth of awesome painted and WIP miniatures from the #Painthammer2019 community! Read on to see a few highlights!

Wow! I’m really excited to see you guys embracing #Painthammer2019 over on Twitter and other social media platforms. Thanks for being part of Painthammer in 2019! Let’s take a look at what you guys have been up to! And, as always, PLEASE give all these fabulous folks a Follow and share the love!

@BonsaiB0B has put together a gorgeous squad of Ultramarines for the Vigilus campaign. They’re lovely and bright, but gritty too! 

@pg_e2lio2tr has made this awesome Ork Warboss! It’s based on the Ironjawz Megaboss with a few awesome changes. I think you’ll agree it looks incredibly menacing and I bet he towers over his Boyz!

@WeeklyWargamer has put the finishing touches on his Warlord for the Adeptus Titanicus game. I really like the details such as the checks on the armour, they’re very effective.

@DarkHanon’s been working on these grots for the lovely Gloomspite Gitz. I’ll always love that Fungoid Cave Shaman <3

I love the cool blue-green tones of this dreadnought painted by @paintingpauper.

@GuivarchB has been working on some Unforgiven. This banner looks pretty fab to me!

More squiggly beasts now from @Under_The_eagle. I really, really like the brightness of the blue here. They look wicked!

@MagnusAstartes has painted up this Creature Caster Daemon Prince! It looks much more menacing than the stock GW Daemon Prince kit!!

One Beastie Boi from @CTRiti here! I like the blue tats!

Some terrain now from @Des_Roin. Don’t worry, anything counts if you’ve finished it off!

Back to @MagnusAstartes now, with some Wolfen! The bright orange hair/fur looks great and gives them some real warmth and energy.

Here’s some Gellarpox Infected from @MaxPower_2112 looking beastly too!

Remember you can join with #Painthammer2019 here with the megapost! It’s open to everyone!

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