#Painthammer2019 Community Showcase 2!

We’re one week into the new year, and you lot have been absolutely knocking it out of the park for #Painthammer2019!

Let’s catch up with just some of the awesome work being done over on social media! As always please give these folks a big old “Follow” and send them some love!

This model by @sonicsledge looks wonderful. It shows how effective the power of a good dip or wash can be! I really like the more muted colour palette that makes this model very grounded and realistic.

Meanwhile over on Instagram, @thepainttzar has been finishing up some Genestealer Cultists. These look fab!

Back on Twitter, @PainterPart has completed the first miniature of 2019, and it’s a lovely Nurgle boi. Wouldn’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley. Or a light alley. Or anywhere, to be honest.

@Doomflower_irl has painted these lovely miniatures for D&D. I particularly like the ethereal spirit colours on the ghost warrior.

Dave from Sprues and Brews has been cracking on with some Eldar. I really like how the bone contrasts with the black and red colours.

@Warboss_Erruk has been working on this ace unit(s) of Ork bikers, only the bases really left to do. Also a big undead beast hiding at the back!

And on the subject of bikers, here’s some Ravenwing from @GuivarchB looking like they’re ready to resume the hunt for the Fallen!

@PaintsCp has been working on a Barbarian (complete with hamster companion!!) which is already looking lovely. I think the facepaint looks good 🙂

@Scykhe has completed his first 5-man Skitarii squad. These miniatures are just full of personal touches and a ton of freehand paintwork that make each miniature really unique! I’ll be keeping a close eye on this force!

@broughster3 has also completed their first unit for #Painthammer2019, a unit of Screamers of Tzeentch. I have always loved these miniatures!

@McdowellDan has completed his first miniature of the year too, this lovely Evocator from the Anvils of the Heldenhammer stormhost (if I’m remembering names and units correctly)!

@SomeGuyWithaDog has produced this chap for the first mini of 2019, and it’s an awesome kitbash. I can’t even begin to guess at what he’s made from! Wouldn’t look out of place amongst some of the Blanchitsu stuff!

@LTuatha has completed an awesome unit of Liberators for a homebrew stormhost, and is also working on some Daughters of Khaine too. Busy!

@DampCombra has painted up these great little miniatures, Joseph Bugman and some Reaper skeletons too!

@Nexus_Hobbyblog has painted this lovely Fennec Fox character, I love his backpack!

I’ll finish today with one of my own, this Genestealer Cults Primus. I’m trying to get these guys painted fairly quickly so I’m not going for a display quality on them. If they look good on the battlefield, that’s enough for me!

Again, this is only just a taster of the awesome hobby that’s been going on with the #Painthammer2019 hashtag over on twitter! Click here to see even more!

Not sure what #Painthammer2019 is all about? Click HERE to find out and join in!

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