My Favourite Wood Elf Miniature Ever!

So back in Ye Olde Nineties, when I was a mere lass with crippling gender dysphoria and less confidence than a small zebra who has to give a speech in front of ten hungry lions, I fell in love with this Wardancer for Warhammer Quest. I was already totally in love with the Wood Elves of the era. Orion, the Waywatchers, Scouts etc. All lovely miniatures. But it was the Wardancers I liked most, and this character model in particular jumped out to me. It sparked joy.

So it was that over 20 years later I decided to jump onto eBay and pick it up again (sadly unboxed and without any of the other goodies, but such is life). And I knew I wanted to paint it again, in that ’90s style complete with bright green base and wild primary colours.

And here he is, after a bunch of nostalgic painting! I like to think I got fairly close to the original vision for the model. I tried to get the yin-yang symbols looking good and I wanted to keep the colours vibrant.

It was such a blast painting this model again after something like 24 years since I first owned it. I think the level of detail and the pose is just perfect and it’s aged really well. The hair is one of those features you just can’t forget, it’s so iconic and I’d love to see these kind of wacky hairstyles return to the worlds of Warhammer.

Do you guys have any favourite Warhammer Quest miniatures? Anything you’d love to see me paint? And don’t forget I do commission painting so please get in touch if you have anything you’d like a splash of life on!

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