Six months gone, six remain. It’s still been a bit of a funny old year, the Pandemic still very much ongoing and a lot of honestly pretty crappy stuff going on in the real world. At least in the PaintSlam community we’re all here for each other and build each other up with great hobby and support. Let’s take a look at how we’ve all done during the month of June (in addition to the Pride Month Roulette showcase!). It’s a big one this month, folks, you’ve all been busy beavers!!

Heads up, a couple of the miniatures this month have gore/horror themes so do stop scrolling if this may be upsetting to you <3

Remember, all the details for PaintSlam can be found on this very website, and you can join our friendly and welcoming Discord server to share your hobby and join in with community events!


A rather gruesome model here, I hope you weren’t eating!


Callie brings us Separatists from Star Wars Armada. This is very nice work!


This lovely looking Lord Exorcist is named Constantiniel Wyrdsong. Great work!


Very nice miniatures here from Cee, including a bi pride ranger (which you may have seen on the Pride Roulette post too)


A lovely scout strike team here! Plus a Terror Toad, painted with cheap 50-cent craft paints rather than the usual miniature paints. Shows that you can still get a respectable result!


From DarkHanon we have these lovely skeleton warriors of the Ulfenwatch!


Gardengoth gives us this creepy plague-drone like creature, complete with amazing scenic base! Plus some fantastically painted Space Elves!


From Haze, a super red (it goez fasta!) Wartrike, and some converted Bladeguard veterans!


A couple of lovely zombies here from Jamie, and a pair of Lumineth heroes!


A couple of lovely knights for adeptus titanicus, plus the god of thunder himself, Thor.


My own June hobby was largely dominated by the Greenskins from the new Age of Sigmar Dominion box set, but I did manage to slip a few other jobs in too!


Delightfully creepy Spite Revenants/Tree Revenants here from Joe!


King_Kabu brings us these fantastic miniatures, copplestone troopers.


Lovely classic Chaos Warriors, in a strong blue armour!


More of the absolutely astonishing Conquest miniatures we’ve come to expect from Paul here!


A superb Knight Vexillor from Psippitt here, looking rather resplendent in bronze and purple. Also a reaver for Titanicus (with a Warhound as basing material!)


A stunning Ravenwing conversion here, really channelling that historical imagery of the Dark Angels being heroic knights riding out into the forests of Caliban to hunt beasts! I’m a big fan of this one.


ThePoshGoblin provides us with some square-based Warhammer action here with a classic couple of mortal enemies, the Skaven and Dwarfs.


Some more real-life miniatures here, including an Australian Commander! And a Dark Apostle! Plus a certain bounty hunter enters the fray.


From Torrentstride we have these wonderful Thousand Sons marines with lovely lava bases!


Usagi continues to impress with her gorgeous purple-clad dwarfs. Plus, because it was Pride month, feast your eyes on the absolutely gorgeous trans pride Tyranids she’s painted. How fantastic!

And that’s it for yet another month! Don’t forget it’s never too late to join us in the Discord and PaintSlam21 hashtag over on social media so please do get involved if you fancy joining us and maybe seeing your work in a future blog post too!

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