2020: Painthammer Memories

It is perhaps most charitable to say that 2020, as a year, was “interesting”. With much of the world spending extended periods in lockdown, and with so many lives lost to the pandemic, things were rough for a lot of us. Even if we were not directly affected by the virus itself, we all felt its impact be that working from home, not being able to visit our loved ones or even pop down to the local hobby store for a regular Sunday tournament!

Well, with the year wrapping up with a look forward to 2021 and whatever that year brings, it’s also time to wrap up #Painthammer2020. As the year ends, please do post your hobby log and any models you’re particularly proud of on social media with the hashtag so we can all see!

I put out the call over at the PaintSlam! Discord server for folks to share a model or unit from their Painthammer 2020 adventure, and where possible a little note about them too. So this article is now going to be a showcase of models as posted in the submission channel. I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing the breadth of hobby that got done during 2020!

So without further ado, let’s take a dive into the submissions!

[Discord Usernames have been used to credit the artists in this article, please DM me if you want your name changing to something else or if you want your twitter/instagram handle added!]

Martin painted this brilliant Mortarion, daemon primarch of Nurgle. Keen eyed readers will notice the wings are taken from an Age of Sigmar Tauralon kit!
From BigGeordieGeek we have this stunning Blood Ravens gunship! I think it’s a Storm Talon? I’m not good with Space Marine vehicles, they all merge into one a bit for me haha.
From my friend Bangus we have these brilliant new Necron warriors. I really love the basing on these, the tiled ground really sets them in place.
Another post from Papa Negan, a metal Army of the Dead painted in ghostly colours.
Guilty brings us this Ork! This is their first painted model, so huge congrats on taking that first step into the hobby!
From Azakael: “Literally the only model I finished in 2020.” – I always say Painthammer/PaintSlam isn’t really about how much you paint, it’s just that you did.
Russintexas submitted this glorious horde of greenskins! “During the month of Orktober, I printed & painted ~1650 points of Orks from GearGutz’ MekShop. I learned a lot about FDM printing, painting to a schedule, and so much more.”
The esteemed Hobbyistgirl submitted Leman Russ himself! The NMM effects on the armour are breathtaking.
BigGeordieGeek returns again, this time with the Wurmspat from Warhammer Underworlds. I’m a big Nurgle fan so I appreciate these a lot – I can’t wait to paint them myself too!
*tap tap* Oh, BigGeordieGeek tapped me on the shoulder once again to show us his lovely Mortarion! The heavily weathered and corroded metal looks fab.
Painthammer and PaintSlam have always been open to all sorts of miniature painting, not just Games Workshop products! Guilty returns, this time they have painted this wonderful hanging Christmas ornament! “I’m really proud of the work I did on the detailing, and how the scroll and skin came out, especially as I only just started painting this year!”
RedDragon submitted this wonderful Dark Angels Master, which was painted as a birthday gift for a friend!

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