Commission Pricing


Perhaps you found my page via Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook and were interested in a commission?

Please contact me directly for a personal quotation and availability, although below are some rough guidelines to my pricing. This may vary depending on various factors though, so a direct quote is usually preferable. Also, consider following my mailing list for special offers now and then, I often do specials for new releases.


Tabletop Basic usually consist of base colours + shades for a nice playable level of painting. This is generally around 2x RRP of a kit in the case of a Games Workshop unit.


Tabletop High level involves more highlights, edge highlighting and incidental details than Tabletop Basic, along with more advanced basing in most cases. This is usually around 3x RRP of kit price.


Hero level is the recommended level for your heroic characters for warhames or tabletop RPGs. Have your character painted with the utmost level of attention and detail. Usually around 3x RRP of the kit for a single miniature.


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“Great job, Jessica did a fantastic job on painting my miniatures, I highly recommend Jessica painting your miniatures.”

James Chapman