The (un)Safety Dance!

So in my last post I teased that my next painting job for the grand Age of Orion project was going to be a unit of Wardancers! Well I’m pleased to say I managed to get them painted before the new year was in!

Check ’em out!

The full unit. There’s 14 models in total, including the Warhammer Quest Wardancer (who also has an entry as a named character in the army book)
I tried to keep the colour choices relatively close to the official ‘Eavy Metal colours as seen in the pages of White Dwarf at the time.
I also tried to do some small tattoos – you can see deer antlers and swirls in these pictures 🙂
And I thought I’d get a little David Bowie homage in there too, so this one is called Ziggy!

I’m not sure which unit or model I’ll work on next for my Wood Elves – to be honest I’m a little spoiled for choice already! But rest assured it’ll be given some serious love!

In the meantime, I’ve spent the first part of 2021 (speaking of which, don’t forget to join us for PaintSlam21!!

) painting Lumineth models from the new Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm box set. Look out for them on my social media, and I’ll do a post here once the full warband is painted! But what I will say about them now? I’m getting my colour inspiration from more retro elves…

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