June ’23 PaintSlam Community Showcase! You will Marvel at the miniatures within!

Well, it’s been a HECTIC few weeks for me. My partner and I moved into a new flat, which we’re currently still in the process of getting decorated and stuff. This, coming on the tail end of a bit of a heatwave in the UK means I’ve not been in Continue Reading

Bad Squiddo Games X PaintSlam – Our community’s femme miniature event!

In the month of May, I set a challenge out to the PaintSlam community over in the official Discord channel! I wanted to help support a wonderful small business by the name of Bad Squiddo Games which makes wonderful realistic femme miniatures (amongst other things!). So for this challenge I Continue Reading

#PaintSlam23 April Community Showcase: I escaped Internet Limbo For This

So I’ve been staying at my parents place for a few months whilst we’re waiting for our new apartment to be ready for us (still waiting!) and due to unforseen circumstances we were without internet for the past few weeks. Hence, this April showcase not being up until today. But, Continue Reading

Community Spotlight: Samurai Marines by Jules

Here in the PaintSlam community I absolutely love seeing all your awesome hobby. In addition to the monthly showcase posts, I especially like to feature singular artists and their projects in Community Spotlights just like this one. This time, we’re looking at Jules’ Samurai-themed Space Marines! So Jules, could you Continue Reading


February might be the shortest month, but this month was anything but short on hobby! We’ve got an absolute bumper crop of minis to show you this month. February was a great, busy month for the PaintSlam community and I’m honoured to present the following work! Want to get involved? Continue Reading