I painted Abhorrent Ghoul King with Crown of Delusion like this

Games Workshop kindly sent me the special boxing day miniature, the Abhorrent Ghoul King with Crown of Delusion (henceforth to be simply refered to as Ghoul King!) for free, and I painted it up as my first miniature of the year! This is a beastly ruler of the Flesh-Eater Courts, Continue Reading


I always go a bit blank when I think about what to put here – what can I say that I haven’t said in previous months? Do I address current events? September was an eventful month in world news, not least of which being the local news of Queen Elizabeth Continue Reading

How to paint the FEARSOME Fireclaw from Horizon Zero Dawn – The Board Game!

The Fireclaw is a huge, terrifying machine-beast that makes its home in the Frozen Wilds of the Horizon Zero Dawn setting. With it’s large claws, rotary blades and spewing jets of flame, it’s not a creature you want to bump into on your trek across the tundra. This bear-like creature Continue Reading

Painting NEW Leagues of Votann as Trans-Hyperian Alliance!

Games Workshop very kindly furnished me with a copy of the Leagues of Votann army set, a (sort of) brand new faction for Warhammer 40k to paint up, with a suggestion to do them in one of the schemes presented in the Codex itself. As you can see above, I Continue Reading

AUGUST #PAINTSLAM22 COMMUNITY SHOWCASE! Now you’re painting with super power!

August is finally behind us, and as we look forward to the month of September and all it holds (Leagues of Votann, anyone?) let’s take a look at what amazing hobby you folks in the PaintSlam Community got up to over the course of August! We’ve got forest critters, mechs, Continue Reading